Bizen Stroll & Digital Stamp Rally 2023

Let’s join the Digital Stamp Rally !! Free of charge !!No need to register for a dedicated app. Easy to join !!

Collect digital stamps by visiting shops in Bizen.Collect three or more stamps and enter the lottery to win the special prizes !

Event dates

Oct. 2nd, Mon – Dec. 15th, Fri, 2023

How to get Digital Stamps.

Please register here first.

STEP1  Visit participating shops with brochure and receive benefits.

STEP2  Scan the QR code there and get the stamps.

STEP3  With 3 or 5 stamps, you can apply for a lottery. If you win the lottery, you will receive luxurious prizes.

By collecting five stamps

Bizen ware by prominent Bizen potter ( 20,000 yen value)  for three people


free hotel or meal voucher Travel accommodation voucher (10,000 yen value for two people, Meal voucher 5,000 yen value for four people) for six people

By collecting three stamps

“Bizen Tamatebako” including local specialties in Bizen (5,000 yen value) for thirty people

What is Bizen like?

Blessed with natural beauty through which the Yoshi River, one of three major rivers in Okayama Prefecture, flows, Bizen City has nurtured rich traditional culture such as Bizen ware and the historic Shizutani School.

It also has abundant delicacies from the mountains and seas.

Bizen ware hometown Shizutani School Bizen ♡ Hinase Bridge

Access to Bizen

Okayama Station⇒Imbe Station<JR Ako Line> approximately 38 minutes

Imbe Station⇒Hinase Station<JR Ako Line>approximately 16 minutes